Project development, -preparation, -coordination

We provide the preparation of large scale projects for EU funding or market financing in the field of renewables, waste to energy, mitigation of climate change for infrastructure, environment, smart energy solutions. We are involved in each phase of the projects from the beginning till the end, from the idea to implementation. We also give expert support for the selection of the partners, provide an opinion on the existing materials, and give help on different EU levels for the success of the projects.

Research and analysis

We prepare research materials, feasibility studies and technical and economic analysis in the field of renewables, waste management, mitigation of climate change, environment, smart energy solutions and circular economy.

Energy audit, boosting the energy efficiency and renewables

We deliver energy audits on buildings or manufacturing processes. We develop proposals for energy efficiency and energy saving solutions with the necessary investment plans based on financial models developed for the specific project. We are helping the implementation of energy management systems.

Mapping of funding

Mapping and analysing of the funding opportunities, especially in the field of direct EU support and financial instruments. Mapping of market investors and connecting the sources to the given project or firm. Developing financing models and sectoral analysis to ensure the success of these efforts.

Supporting and implementing EU regulations, laws

Monitoring and analysis of the new or proposed EU regulations and provisions in the field of environment and the energy sector, focusing on their relation and effects on our client's activities and in order to counteract negative impacts. Development of accreditation systems, internal regulations and action plans suitable for the new legal environment. Development of methodologies for technical measurements. Proposals for legislative changes required for the client, drafting of negotiation positions, expert support also provided along the negotiations.